Do you know why Josenea tastes different?

BIO Certificate

Plants are grown by 100 % ecological techniques and all products are certified.

Suitable for Vegans

All infusions and teas contain no animal derived ingredients allowing consumption to vegans.

No pesticides

Our crops are free of any poisonous substances such as pesticides or chemical fertilizers.


Our plants have not been altered by genetic engineering techniques.

Reduce- Reuse- Recycle

In order to respect and take care of the environment, we avoid all types of waste in our farm.

Biodynamic Inspiration

We are inspired in every process by biodynamic ancestral standards.

Organic biodegradable

Made into a biodegradable cornstarch tissue called Soilon they do not release toxic agents.

Green Building

All facilities are designed by Josenea and built under bioconstruction criteria.

Manual Harvesting

Every process, from sowing to packaging, is carried out in a completely handmade and manual way.

Plant at its best

We harvest the noblest part of each plant at the optimum time to ensure all active ingredients.

Self-generated Energy

In Bordablanca farm we only make use of energy produced through solar panels and windmills.

Harmonization Centre

In our farm we have built a center of harmonization: a place for meditation and personal growth.

Awards & Partners